Our Name is Crowe,” delves into the transformation of the Crow bird, which was once revered as a sacred bird, to being stigmatized as an ugly creature that influenced laws and social justice. In Our Name is Crowe, Alice T. Crowe explores her family history and gives special attention to her grandfather, J. Crow,  who worked hard to disassociate the family name from the stigma of Jim Crow.

Cracking the Crow Code: The symbolism of crows to Jim Crow

A talk with Nicole Jackson from the Black AF in Stem Collective for Black Birders Week 2024. Alice Crowe, shares her personal journey of discovery as she explores the origins of her family name and its connection to the name “Jim Crow” and the symbolism of crows. In this event, Alice will recount her experiences delving into her family’s history, uncovering the stories and meanings behind her surname. She will reference the significance of the name “Jim Crow” in American history, its ties to racial segregation and discrimination, and how this history has shaped perceptions of the Black community. Through her journey, she’ll highlight the power of reclaiming and reframing narratives, showcasing the resilience and strength found in understanding one’s roots. This event offers a unique opportunity to explore the complexities of identity, history, and symbolism within the context of the Black experience.