Alice’s current play, “Waiting for Burial,” is part of her sci-fi Afro-futurism anthology series,  Crystal Blu. Waiting for Burial will be in the 13th Annual Atlanta Black Theatre Festival Reading Series of Original  Works in 2024. Waiting for Burial was recently staged at the Winter Short Festival at The Point in the Bronx, produced by the Open Hydrant Theater Company, and directed by Norberto Troncosco  Jr. It was work shopped at the Reel Sisters Summer Screenwriter’s Lab with Valerie Woods.  Waiting for Burial was selected for the Reel Sisters + BRIC Evening of Staged Readings in  2022 Coming to Atlanta!

Jaray Hunter as Tyron at the Open Hydrant Theater Company
Ephraim Asante as Jordan at the Open Hydrant Theater Company